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Potential commercial uses of pyrolytic carbon black

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This paper studies the characterization and potential commercial uses of pyrolytic carbon black obtained in an industrial scale waste tire recycling process. Pyrolytic carbon black was produced using a rotary kiln oven with a daily batch capacity of 5 metric tons and potential commercial uses were evaluated. The pyrolysis was performed in an inert atmosphere in a temperature range from 400°C to 500°C for about 8 hours. Inorganic content was about 12 percent (primarily zinc oxide) and sulfur content was about 3 percent.

Based upon analysis of particle size and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) images, about 40 percent of the material has a small particle size with properties very close to those of commercial carbon black grades being used as a filler in polymers and as paint pigment. Characterization was made using granulometric analysis, oil absorption number, thermogravimetric analysis, pH analysis, density analysis, calorific value, SEM, X-ray fluorescence and BET surface area.

The material presents properties very close to those of commercial semi-reinforcing materials. Further treatments are proposed to improve material properties.