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Wacky World of Rubber: Fun with a giant balloon

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It's amazing what can be accomplished with a giant latex balloon.

Don't believe me? Just watch Stephen Herron find many creative ways to entertain an audience with a giant purple latex balloon. His video, which has nearly 16,000 views on YouTube, depicts the entertainer getting himself into several sticky situations with the prop.

He leads off by getting his head stuck in the balloon, then dances around to a number of different tunes. All the while, the balloon makes it look as if he has a very, very oversized head.

It's quite funny.

Midway through the video, he allows the balloon to engulph half of his body and proceeds to dance around to "Cotton Eye Joe" and "Can't Touch This."

And since the balloon shares a color with a popular kids dinosaur, he couldn't resist throwing in Barney's "I Love You," in there for good measure.

But by the end of the video, things get really crazy as Herron manages to place himself entirely in the balloon. His head pops out as he hops around on stage.

All in all, the five-minute video is quite entertaining.

Chris Sweeney probably wouldn't figure out how to get himself out of a giant latex baloon. Follow him on Twitter @CSweeneyRPN.