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Wacky World of Rubber: Making music with rubber chickens

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I took piano lessons growing up and still play from time-to-time. I know a lot of popular classics, but my favorite song was Pachelbel's Canon. It came natural to me, and—without bragging too much—it was the best song in my arsenal. Whenever someone asked me to play, that was my go-to song.

I thought I did the song justice, but then I saw this video. I was blown away. Time to re-think wedding ensembles, someone has managed to play the song using rubber chickens.

Game changer!

In a video posted on TwoSetViolin's YouTube channel (which did not include the name of the performer, sadly), one musician demonstrates his ability to manipulate a rubber chicken and play a pretty accurate rendition of the song.

The video starts with a single chicken, and then another is layered in until there are four going at once. At that point the chickens begin to play different parts of the song. When at full steam, they're scaling the notes just as fast as any pianist. The clip goes on for two minutes and leaves out a good chunk of the song. Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your opinion of rubber chickens.

The chicken version probably won't take over weddings around the world. But it's not bad, as long as you can get over smooth piano keys or soothing cello strings being replaced with high-pitched wheezing of a rubber chicken, you'll probably agree.

Chris Sweeney prefers his chickens less melodic and more roasted. Follow him on Twitter @CSweeneyRPN.