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New Products: Shin-Etsu releases CLG series gap fillers

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Photo by Shin-Etsu The CLG profile includes CLG-1500, CLG-2500, CLG-3500 and CLG-4500.

AKRON—Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Japan-based Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., premiered its CLG series single-component, pre-cured Gap Filler product line.

The line is an effort to provide progressive options to thermal engineers in the growing electronics cooling market sector for silicone thermal interface materials, according to a Shin-Etsu statement.

SESA's CLG series materials are ideal for a broad base of general electronics cooling applications, offering a wide range of thermal conductivity, Shin-Etsu said.

The CLG profile includes CLG-1500, CLG-2500, CLG-3500 and CLG-4500.

SESA said the one-component CLG gap filler greases are simpler to use, requiring no mixing or use of a two-part meter-mix equipment system. The material does not need to cure after it is dispensed so there is no waiting or heating involved to cure after dispensing, and no resulting curing process byproducts. The materials offer a low volatile content with resistance to pump-out and creeping.

With a gel-like consistency, the material is applicable on a myriad of surface shapes, filling voids between heat sources and heat sinks, Shin-Etsu said. By displacing the air from nooks and crannies, a lower thermal resistance is achieved. The CLG gap filler material can be applied only where needed, minimizing waste. The materials can also be reworked, because they do not adhere to substrates. The soft material's low hardness minimizes stress on delicate electronic components. The viscosity allows for ease of dispensing and reduced storage times. There are no unique storage requirements.

"As electronic devices shrink in size and expand in functionality, the requirements for thermal solutions are ever-increasing. The CLG series' economical pre-cured and performance advantages will allow us to optimize new and existing client applications in the growing electronics cooling market segments," said Geoff Thyrum, SESA's thermal interface materials business development manager.

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