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New Products: Lubrizol releases new TPU resins

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CLEVELAND—Lubrizol Corp.'s Engineered Polymers business launched two new thermoplastic polyurethane resins for hot melt adhesives.

The new developments belong to the plasticizer-free Pearlbond 300 TPU series, a soft polymer series that stands out for low activation temperatures and excellent bonding properties to various substrates, said Lubrizol.

The new resins can be used for technical textiles, interlinings, apparel (seam tapes and heat-transfer labels), conveyor belts, footwear and other applications, Lubrizol said. New Pearlbond 360 and 960 TPU resins perform very well in outdoor applications, thanks to resistance to external agents including humidity and microorganisms.

Pearlbond 360 TPU is a breathable, plasticizer-free soft polymer with wash resistance and strong adhesion to fabrics, said Lubrizol. The solution bonds at a low activation temperature of less than 248 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows it to be combined with delicate fabrics and increases the protection of delicate substrates from heat damage.

Pearlbond 960 TPU is a light-stable, breathable and plasticizer-free polymer which combines the previous properties with U.V. resistance, Lubrizol said. It is a highly durable solution with improved bonding and mechanical properties.

Lubrizol developed a new video to detail Pearlbond TPU's features.

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