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Make Sure Your Compounder Understands Your Market

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Make Sure Your Compounder Understands Your Market

Industry knowledge and application experience are critical to providing compounding solutions and product innovation for the markets you serve. Does your compounder understand the nuts and bolts of your market? Does your compounder have a thorough knowledge of OEM specifications, fabricating expertise, and troubleshooting capabilities to address your industry’s issue?

Consider the following when evaluating your compounder. 


Formulation development and mixing capabilities should help ensure optimum rubber products for cars, trucks, mass transit, rail, and aircraft. Major transportation manufacturers have their own standards. HEXPOL stays current with OEM requirements. Does your compounder? We provide formulation development to specification for hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, vibration mounts, grommets, and more. Click here to download a copy of Rubber Compounding for Global Automotive Applications.


HEXPOL provides compounds for components used in the exploration, recovery, and distribution segments of the Oil & Gas, Solar, and Wind markets. Whether you need us on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, a solar array in the Arizona desert, or a wind farm on the east coast – HEXPOL is there.

We produce compounds for rubber components on blow-out-preventers, stators, and packers, as well as down hole equipment, hoses, seals, and pipe wrapping for oil and gas; tubing, plating, and panel isolators for solar applications; and mounts to reduce vibration and noise on wind turbines.

Wire & Cable

HEXPOL is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of elastomeric compounds for insulated wire and cable. Our compounds meet demanding standards for power transmission applications, including cables, electrical insulators, and lighting arrestors, to name a few.

We help you select the right elastomer and develop compounds to specification. Elastomer types include NBR, EPDM, CPE, CSM, and CR Silicone. Our compounds meet multiple standards, including UL, IEEE, UL Canada (formerly CSA), ISO 6722, and SAE J100.

Construction & Infrastructure

Organic rubber formulations for construction and infrastructure applications address performance, protection, life cycle costs, and formulas to meet precise specifications.

HEXPOL has compounds important for repairs to our aging infrastructure. And our elastomers meet numerous federal, state, and municipal specifications, as well as UL MSHA, ASTM, and NSF standards. 

Our elastomeric products are suited for applications such as seals, bridge interfaces, gaskets, caulks and coatings, roofing membranes, flooring and road marking.

Medical Technology

HEXPOL provides premium compounds with the right properties to meet stringent standards of purity to ensure safety for medical and pharmaceutical applications. We have the experience and manufacturing procedures as recommended by cGMP, USP, and the FDA.

Total traceability of each batch ensures the quality of the elastomers used for medical applications.

General industrial

Compounding solutions from HEXPOL are available for multiple industrial applications, including manufacturing equipment and material handling components. HEXPOL compounds provide performance, durability, age resistance, and flexibility in industrial components such as belting, hoses, seals, and gaskets.