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Wacky World of Rubber: Coffee to go

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Photo by Pokito

I've never seen the Gilmore Girls. This weekend, though, I finally saw a clip.

One clip.

That's all it only took to convince me that I have to add another title to my binge-watch-when-you-have-the-time list.

"It's a jumbo coffee morning," Lorelai Gilmore says in the clip before tapping the inside of her arm and adding, "I need coffee in an IV."


I get that. I have a 4-year-old and a full-time job. Every morning is jumbo coffee morning.

The problem with jumbo coffee mornings—especially those that extend into jumbo coffee afternoons—is that the disposable cups add up. I have a number of travel mugs, but I rarely have them with me. They don't fit comfortably into a purse or small bag and they often are not leak-proof.

Turns out, I'm not alone in this fight.

Across the pond, Andrew Brooks faced similar problems. The difference was that he was working on solving them.

He created the Pokito, a thermoplastic elastomer and polypropylene collapsible travel mug that fits easily into purses and bags when it's not in use. The lid, he notes, secures tightly and the spout seals completely to prevent leaking.

Because the mug is collapsible, Brooks designed it to be adjustable as well, allowing it to fit any drink from a solo espresso con panna to a medium vanilla latte.

Pokito mugs are available in a variety of colors and are designed to fit in your vehicle's cup holders. They're also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean at home, or even on-the-go.

The official Pokito site also notes that baristas will love you for using the mugs. As a former barista, I can definitively say having a reusable mug won't hurt your reputation with the person making your drink. The complexity of your order, however, might.

Erin Pustay Beaven is the online content editor for Rubber & Plastics News. She is an appreciator of life's littlest treasures, a reader of great books and an advocate for libraries, arts education and PBS. Every one of her mornings is a "jumbo coffee morning." Follow her on Twitter at @EBeavenCrain.