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Published on August 30, 2016


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Date Published August 30, 2016
Category Technical Papers

Rubber & Plastics News is now offering the complete set of technical Papers and Presentations featured at the 2010 Itec show. 

Papers and Presentations in this Download:

  • Historical Perspectives On Tire Rolling Resistance
  • California Energy Commission's Fuel Efficient Tire Program: Comparison Of Alternatives For Expressing Tire Rolling Resistance
  • Future Perspective On Tire Rolling Resistance
  • The VMI MAXX Tire Building Machine
  • Improved Tire Properties Through Modification Of The Tire Cord Surface
  • Development Of Next Generation Run-Flat Tire
  • Consumer Reports: What Consumers Should Consider In Making A Replacement Tire Choice
  • Low Polycyclic Aromatic (PCA) Oils In View Of 2012 Tire Labels
  • A Parametric Study Of Rubber Friction
  • Fun - Smart - Easily Configured 3D Sensors For Rubber And Tire Manufacturing
  • Tire Raw Materials: A Post Recession Outlook For The Synthetic Rubber Markets

                              Please see sample for more papers and presentation in this data asset!!

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