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Continuous Improvement: Proven and Profitable

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Continuous Improvement: Proven and Profitable
Figure 1: Continuous Improvement Cycle

The concept of continuous Improvement has been around for decades. Countless enterprises implement some or all of its components. Organizations as varied as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and education – to name a few – use continuous improvement principles to facilitate improvements to their processes, products, and services.

The initial building blocks of the continuous improvement concept began in the 1930s with Dr. Walter Shewhart of Bell Telephone Laboratories; followed by Dr. Joseph Juran, known for his Quality Control Handbook; then Dr. W. Edward Deming, famous for his 14 points of Total Quality Management (TQM). Today, the Deming Award recognizes outstanding achievements in quality performance and improvement.

HEXPOL has embraced continuous improvement principles as an essential component that begins with our proprietary software systems: Prism formula management and Spectrum process control. In addition to these proprietary control systems, LEAN/Kaizen and 6 Sigma production principles, as well as testing and quality control systems help ensure high-performance compounds for HEXPOL customers.

Click here to see a video about how HEXPOL compounding capabilities, industry knowledge, and technology leadership help customers achieve innovation and product quality, as well as accelerated growth into new markets. 

Based on the continuous improvement principles used by HEXPOL internally, we are helping our customers implement their own continuous improvement solutions. Benefits for HEXPOL customers are twofold. First, internal continuous improvement initiatives at HEXPOL manufacturing campuses create opportunities to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity, resulting in better product quality compounds and value for customers. Second, working very closely with customers in establishing and defining parameters of improvement, HEXPOL helps them measure and improve their processes, reducing time-to-market for their products and achieving higher performance in all areas of their operations. 

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