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Continuous Process Improvement from HEXPOL

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Continuous Process Improvement from HEXPOL
Figure 2: The Toyota 4P Model

HEXPOL’s Field Technical Services Group, known for effective and timely technical support, is now gaining a reputation for collaborating with customers to analyze their processes and use continuous improvement principles to measure and improve process quality, productivity, and performance. 

To achieve this, HEXPOL’s Continuous Process Improvement model, which includes eight components, aligns its process with the customer’s process:

  • Application Definition
  • Knowledge & Resources
  • Formulation & Testing
  • Trial Batch
  • Technical Visit Reports
  • Chemistry Modification
  • Set Process Levels
  • Continuous Tech Support
HEXPOL’s Continuous Process Improvement model

Following this model, HEXPOL works with its customers to achieve product specification requirements that help ensure end-product excellence. A process with stability, reliability, and repeatability is a predictable process that consistently produces the right product.

Click here to download a copy of HEXPOL’s Continuous Process Improvement: How to Improve Process Quality, Productivity & Performance white paper.

HEXPOL Field Technical Services Group: Know How. Know Why.

Our field technical service representatives are among the best in the world.  We strive to bring value to each and every customer relationship. Elastomer compound development isn’t only about cost per pound; it’s about quality and value. Multiple customer benefits from Continuous Process Improvement, including elevated customer satisfaction and on-target solutions, are included in HEXPOL’s compounding cost per pound.

The HEXPOL Field Technical Services Group partners with customers to put fundamental and sound principles in place critical for success. A team of polymer chemists, industry experts, and customer service representatives help HEXPOL customers make linear, incremental and measureable changes to existing processes that will improve quality, productivity, and performance.

Click here to download a copy of HEXPOL’s brochure Continuous Process Improvement: It’s in our DNA.

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