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Larson Electronics L.L.C. has released a Class 1 and 2 Division 1 and 2 portable explosion proof LED light mounted on an adjustable base fabricated from non-sparking aluminum. The EPL-24BS-5FT-1X150LED-100 portable explosion proof LED light provides operators a maneuverable LED work light for use within hazardous locations, the company claimed.

This portable fixture is comprised of a 150 watt LED light head that produces 13,000 lumens of light, Larson said. The LED light head produces light ideal for illuminating enclosed areas and hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases and dusts may be present.

The explosion proof LED light head in this unit features multiple LED drivers, Larson said, which help increases the operational life of the fixture. This new series of LED lamps contains 12 LED boards configured in a series of banks.

The lamp can be adjusted up or down 90 degrees, the company claimed, and locked into position by loosening the two hand screws located on the side of the light head.

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Graco Inc. has unveiled a fluid automation F4-5 liquid silicone rubber dispensing system, designed to keep the dispensing of two-component LSR precise, Graco said, with two flow meters ensuring the material remains on-ratio.

This consistency is critical in medical device manufacturing, Graco said, where pharmaceutical properties added to the LSR make materials extremely expensive, and where off-ratio dispensing can result in product defects.

In addition, the equipment's helical gear and unique flow meter construction allows the F4-5 to measure material in extremely small increments, which increases the operator's ability to detect the smallest anomaly much sooner.

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Engel Austria GmbH has released viper linear robots that not only detect their own oscillations, but also can react to vibrations caused by external influences because of active vibration control, the company said.

In mobile phones, 3D motion sensors have become standard, Engel claimed, and now the Engel viper robots use this technology and significantly boost their performance and efficiency. Previously, robots own expected oscillations were calculated for vibration control, but now, external influences can be compensated for online. The robots now can contribute to the injection molding process continuously, Engel said, and make production smarter.

Due to this active vibration control, Engel viper robots reach a stable working position more quickly and operate with significantly greater positioning accuracy, Engel said, which is important for such tasks as placing insert pieces or transferring pre-molded parts.

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APS Elastomers has created a “salt and pepper” blend for a plaque manufacturer. The salt and pepper custom color matching and blending for thermoplastic elastomers assists customers with a broad range of color concentrate that are FDA, RoHS, CONEG and NSF compliant and heavy-metal free, APS said.

The salt and pepper color concentrate allows a mix of a wide range of colors in several smaller, custom batch products; reducing time and saving money, APS said.

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