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HEXPOL is Everywhere You Are

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HEXPOL is Everywhere You Are

HEXPOL is committed to providing proprietary and standard compounding solutions that address our customers’ evolving needs, delivering value and helping you improve the products you make. With 16 campuses strategically located throughout North America, we have a network of resources to serve customers of all sizes, wherever they are. Click here to download a copy of Hexpol is Everywhere You Are

Our industry knowledge is vast and our application expertise is unmatched, whatever the market:

Transportation – The right formulation and mixing capabilities mean optimum rubber products for automotive, mass transit, rail, and aircraft applications, from seals and gaskets to hoses, belts, and rail seals. Click here to download a copy of Rubber Compounding for Global Automotive Applications.

Energy – Compounds for rubber components on blow-out-preventers, stators, packers, hoses, seals, and pipe wrapping for oil & gas; tubing and panel isolators for solar applications; mounts to reduce vibration and noise on wind turbines.

Wire & Cable – One of the world’s largest manufacturers of elastomeric compounds for insulated wire and cable. HEXPOL compounds meet demanding standards for power transmission applications, including cables, electrical insulators, and lighting arrestors, to name a few.

Construction & Infrastructure – Elastomeric solutions for insulation, window and door seals, roofing membranes, flooring, road marking, pond liners, caulk and coating compounds.

Medical Technology – Premium compounds that meet stringent standards of purity to ensure safety for health care applications. Our compounds can be found in medical devices, prosthetics, and pharmaceutical tools.

General industrial – Compounding solutions for rubber belting and belt covers, hoses, seals and gaskets, adhesives and sealants, and tank linings.

HEXPOL’s proprietary formulations, thorough knowledge of OEM specifications, fabricating expertise, and trouble-shooting capabilities are nationally recognized.

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