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HEXPOL's Comprehensive Capabilities

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HEXPOL Comprehensive Capabilities

As a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced, high-quality rubber compounds, HEXPOL’s integrated approach to recipe development and mixing considers customer processes, technical specifications, cost effectiveness, and raw materials. We deliver the latest in formulation development, mixing innovation, and technology. That means optimum finished rubber products and superior value for our customers. 

HEXPOL compounding capabilities include:

Rubber Compounding – Comprehensive custom mixing formulation and development. Manufacturers of rubber components require compounds that meet exacting performance standards. Only the right composition and a perfect mixing process result in optimum properties for the final product. Click here to download a copy of HEXPOL Compounding.

Roller Compounds – Expertise across a range of rubber roller applications. HEXPOL’s legacy brand, Chase Elastomer, has been serving the rubber roller industry since 1983, providing a full range of quality roller compounds that stand up to the wide variety of chemicals used in the roller market. Click here to download a copy of Rubber Compounds Formulated for the Roller Industry.

Silicone –We’ve re-introduced true custom mixing for silicone rubber compounds, including HCR silicone, fluorosilicones, and all types of silicone/EPDM compounds. That means dedicated resources, equipment, and recipe development to provide silicone rubber with the right properties for our customers’ applications. Click here to download a copy of True Custom Mixing for Silicone Elastomers.

Specialty Products – HEXPOL and its legacy brand, RheTech, offer a range of custom and standardized performance additives, color concentrates, productivity enhancing pre-dispersed chemicals, and master-batch products. Additives and colorants from HEXPOL are designed to minimize manufacturing costs and reduce worker exposure, while maintaining quality and consistency. Click here to download a copy of Specialty Products.

Tire and Toll – HEXPOL professionals and their industry-leading capabilities allow us to manage and deliver quick turn-around with emergency compound volumes exceeding 500,000 pounds per day. We provide mixing for tread, retread, sidewall, coating stocks, bead, inner liner, bladder, and white compounding. Click here to download a copy of Tire-Toll Compounds.

Retreading Products – With Robbins LLC as part of the HEXPOL family, we are the global leader in outside and inside envelopes, curing tubes, retreading accessories, and rubber compounds for tires, especially for trucks, heavy equipment, and aircraft. HEXPOL Accu-Fit CMT® envelopes set the standard for service life, lowering our customers’ cost per cure. Click here to download a copy of Retreading Products from Robbins LLC.

Thermoplastic and TPE Compounding – Combining the performance of thermoset rubbers with the processing ease of plastics to deliver enhanced design possibilities for a diverse range of markets. We provide an industry-leading line of thermoplastic and TPE products and services. Click here for more info on TPE compounding.

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