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Fimmtech launches industry's first mobile app

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VISTA, Calif.—Fimmtech Inc. has launched what it calls the industry's first mobile app for scientific molding, available for the Android or iPhone.

The app, called Scientific Molding, lets molders generate scientific molding graphs, such as viscosity, cavity balance and gate seal, as well as perform molding calculations.

Users can keep up with the latest processing knowledge through the Fimm-tech Learning Center.

“We saw a need among processors for a mobile app, in order to perform the day-to-day calculations on a mobile device rather than go back to their desks,” Suhas Kulkarni, president of Fimmtech, a consulting firm that specializes in scientific injection molding consulting and training, said in a news release

Fimmtech recently opened a training center in Southern California to aid ongoing educational seminars on Scientific Molding. The topics that are examined include robust process development, part design, failure analysis and process validations.

The classroom seminars include hands-on learning utilizing a 100-ton injection molding machine.

In-house seminars also are available.

Fimmtech's app for Android and Apple devices is available through Google Play and the App Store.

Beckwood creates press

FENTON, Mo.—Beckwood Press Co. has created a custom-engineered hydraulic rubber molding press system for Mohawk Industries Inc.

In order to ensure Mohawk's requirements for part thickness uniformity are met, Beckwood said the press will feature its proprietary active leveling control technology, which utilizes closed-loop control of the four press corners to ensure bed-to-ram parallelism is maintained throughout the cycle.

The control system will be enhanced further with recipe functionality, the company said, as well as Beckwood's PressLink module, which allows for complimentary remote diagnostics and support from Beckwood technicians, via a standard internet connection.

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