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Details of the Pirelli deal

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Purchase price: About $2 billion ($16.25 per share) for Cam Finanziaria S.p.A.'s 26.2 percent stake in Pirelli. The offer would place the total value of Pirelli at about $7.7 billion.

Expected close: End of summer 2015; once complete ChemChina would launch a tender offer in an attempt to delist Pirelli for restructuring purposes.

Sales: ChemChina reported annual sales of $39.4 billion in 2013; Pirelli reported tire sales of about $7.98 billion in 2014 and ranked fifth in Rubber & Plastics News' 2014 Global Tire Report with 2013 sales of about $8 billion.

Employees: Pirelli employs about 39,000
worldwide; ChemChina says it has about 120,000 employees throughout all of its units.

Product Lines: Pirelli produces car, motorcycle, truck, bus and agricultural tires with 19 plants in 13 countries and a commercial presence in more than 160 countries. ChemChina is active in six sectors—new chemical materials, basic chemical materials, oil processing, agrochemicals, rubber products and chemical equipment. China National Tire & Rubber touts itself as China's largest producer of off-the-road tires with Aeolus Tyre Co., ChemChina Guilin Tire Co. Ltd., Double Happiness Tire Industrial Co. Ltd. and Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Co. Ltd. among its holdings.