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Saint-Gobain adds OmniSeal line for oil, gas market

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PARIS—Saint-Gobain S.A. has expanded its OmniSeal line with a new addition for quarter-turn valves in the oil and gas industry.

Released in November 2014 and designed to meet the ISO 15848-1 quality standard for leakage tightness and endurance, the firm said its low fugitive emission seals provide a more environmentally friendly option for manufacturers dealing with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements with regard to environmental health and safety.

“We see a shift of the need of the oil and gas industry to more demanding exploration and production activities in terms of technical conditions,” said Christophe Valdenaire, marketing manager, energy seals. “There is a need for more sophisticated sealing solutions to cope with this increasing demand for reliable solutions.”

He said the seal is produced using thermoplastic materials, including polytetrafluoroethylene and polyether ether ketone.

Saint-Gobain said studies conducted on oil and gas processing facilities found that valves have been shown to be a major source of fugitive emissions, which inspired the firm to develop a solution to help its customers both benefit economically and operate more efficiently.

It took the company about two years to develop the seal, Valdenaire said. The process included screening materials, finalizing the design, building a test rig and testing the product. The rig Saint-Gobain invested in solely operated to ISO 15848-1 criteria.

The seal is compliant with ISO 15848-1 Class B from -50°C to 160°C.

“The key advantages of our solutions and materials for the oil and gas industry are that these materials have a wider temperature range than elastomers,” Valdenaire said. “We can go from cryogenic to high temperature. We are very flexible in terms of design. Most of the seals we supply to the industry are custom design.”