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Trelleborg touts upgrades in subsea technology

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PERTH, Australia—Trelleborg's Offshore business showcased its latest advances in subsea equipment and flowline protection technology at the recent Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition in Perth.

It displayed its T-Strake vortex induced vibration system as well as subsea flow control developments, including Trelleborg's entire line of Vikotherm insulation materials.

“In increasingly rougher seas, pipelines unsupported over free spans are prone to VIV fatigue,” said Iain Green, key account manager within Trelleborg Offshore. “This is a growing concern as VIV can lead to serious issues such as pipe girth weld failure or premature pipe malfunction. We designed our T-Strake flowline protection to suppress the effects of these vibrations on pipes to avoid damage and downtime.”

T-Strake features a unique modular design enabling more efficient transportation and installation. According to Trelleborg, T-Strake's manufacturing process can produce up to six times faster than manufacturing systems using traditional techniques.

Also, Trelleborg's Vikotherm insulation range claims to offer superior joint strength, reduced thermal conductivity and increased heat capacity, as well as flexibility and resistance to hydrostatic collapse down to more than 3,000 meters.

Vikotherm S1 is made from non-syntactic silicone and can be cured at room temperature without exposure to air, making it resistant to cracking and shrinking. Vikotherm R2 offers improved elasticity, as well as enhanced process and manufacturing flexibility, the firm said.

Trelleborg also said the insulation systems could be applied “anywhere” by using the company's mobile production unit, which can carry out onsite installation of corrosion protection, thermal insulation and passive fire protection.