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Comparing polyisoprene latex to NR latex

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Cariflex IR0401 is a synthetic polyisoprene latex that can be used as an alternative for natural rubber latex to reduce the risk of Type 1 allergy. Also, it brings the outstanding combination of protection and comfort together with high product consistency.

Being free from natural rubber proteins, Cariflex IR0401, having polyisoprene as its main component, can be used on the same existing manufacturing equipment as natural rubber latex. There are some differences between the two materials both in detailed polymer structure and in latex composition that influence the exact handling in dipped-good applications.

In this study we highlight that—when these differences are properly taken into account—Cariflex polyisoprene latex can make high quality dipped goods, and it provides an excellent pure alternative to natural rubber latex with similar performance benefits in strength, elasticity and softness.

For both Cariflex IR0401 and natural rubber latex, we will present rheological profiles, stability behavior and vulcanization characteristics, and we will illustrate how these could affect the processing details. We will demonstrate how fine-tuning these processing details delivers excellent Cariflex IR0401-based dipped goods.