Published on January 9, 2015 @ 9:40am EST

Examining functionalized butyl rubber

X_Butyl I4545P is a new butyl-based material that has been developed by Lanxess and contains a persistent ionic charge attached to the butyl backbone. In addition to the properties of traditional butyl rubber (impermeability and low temperature flexibility), this new butyl ionomer displays many unique physical and dynamic properties, including excellent green strength, improved polymerfiller interaction and the formation of stable pellets.
Incorporation of the butyl ionomer in an bromobutyl inner liner compound formulation has been shown to provide improved green strength leading to greater dimensional stability needed during extrusion and calendering processes. 
The final cured article shows significant improved crack growth resistance and adhesion to carcass compounds without impacting the other compound properties. Such properties may lead to longer lasting tire inner liners, which can be of benefit for off-the-road tire manufacturing and retreading operations.


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