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Rubber Division surplus hits $160,000 for year

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Doug Ruch, Rubber Division chair, presents a certificate of appreciation award to Alpha Technologies' John Dick for his long-time service to the organization.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—The finances of the ACS Rubber Division have turned around for the better in the past six years, according to Leo Goss of Rhein Chemie, who served as division treasurer this year.

He said the Rubber Division posted a net surplus of $160,000 for the year that ended Sept. 30, compared with a deficit of $325,000 in 2008 as the nation and industry were beginning to go into a deep recession. The figure improved to a deficit of $56,000 in 2010 and a surplus of about $55,000 in 2012.

Goss added that the division had $1.5 million in investments. “We're definitely on the right track,” he said during his report at the recent International Elastomer Conference and Rubber Expo in Nashville.

The good news he reported was supported by statistics he shared about the expo and technical meeting. Goss said the event in Nashville had:

• revenue of $515,075 from the expo, an increase of $205,315 from 2012;

• 187 booths sold, up 24 from 2012

• 26,700 square feet of exhibit space sold, a gain of 5,200 square feet from two years ago;

• four meeting rooms sold;

• 2,749 total registered attendees, including 490 technical attendees;

• 113 technical papers presented, along with five educational courses offered; and

• 34 corporate members, represented by more than 300 attendees.

Doug Ruch, who is serving as Rubber Division chair during 2014, was extremely happy with the event. “It completely surpassed our expectations,” said Ruch, who was with ChemRep Inc. at the time of the meeting but now is with Nanotronics Imaging Inc. “We set high goals, but every one of them was really exceeded this year.”

He said his goals and visions for 2014 included communicating the value of the Rubber Division to its members and prospects. The division staff developed videos and power point presentations that were given at each of the subgroups with the Rubber Division, focusing on the value and services they receive by being members.

Ruch said that during the year the professional staff also went to visit a custom mixer, molder and distribution operation “so they could see all the materials that come together to make a rubber product.”

Next year, Terry DeLapa of Alpha Technologies U.S. L.P. will become the first woman to serve as Rubber Division chair. When asked what advice he had for her, Ruch said: “Terry DeLapa is the type of leader who is going to have no problem leading this division throughout next year with vision into the future. So Terry doesn't need any advice from me. We're just all going to be very blessed to see her lead this division next year.”