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Michelin identifies global challenges

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Michelin's Strategic Foresight team, along with other stakeholders, have compiled a publication on sustainable mobility, called the Green Paper, that was released at the Challenge Bibendum. The book identifies five global challenges on the road to sustainable mobility. They are:

• Health problems caused by pollution, noise and lack of road safety;

• Limited public funds to finance infrastructure necessary for economic growth;

• Congestion and related economic losses;

• Rising greenhouse gas levels: Impact of fuel fossils and oil prices; and

• Inclusive mobility to enable access to mobility for all.

Five game changers were identified to address these challenges:

• Set ambitious global carbon dioxide emission reduction targets and implement the relevant economic instruments;

• Implement ultra-low emission zones with enhanced road safety measures and appropriate infrastructure and vehicles;

• Develop door to door solutions for people, with corresponding Web-based applications;

• Reinvent innovative last-mile logistic systems; and

• Mobilize private investment for sustainable transport infrastructure and innovative mobility services.

In order to implement the game changers, five actionable levers were listed in order to tackle mobility issues. They are:

• Innovative mobility ecosystems, including four ecosystems designed to meet global CO2 reduction goals;

• Winning technologies of tomorrow by developing transportation systems and optimizing mass transit systems;

• New economic instruments that promote mobility business models;

• Targeted public policies to implement change, including encouraging private funding; and

• Rolling out of the five game changers on a massive scale.