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Jorgensen, Flexitallic part company

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HOUSTON—Six months after he was named president of Flexitallic's Customer Rubber Products group, the firm confirmed that John J. Jorgensen is no longer with the company.

Flexitallic would not elaborate as to why the executive left the firm or comment on plans to fill his position in the interim or permanent basis.

Jorgensen could not be reached for comment.

Jorgensen, hired by Flexitallic in March, spent about 20 years at Greene, Tweed & Co., a manufacturer of high-performance elastomers and TPEs, and he most recently served as its president and CEO. Prior to his time at Greene, he served as president of Precision Polymer Systems Inc.

Custom Rubber Products was acquired by Flexitallic in 2012. It manufactures elastomer, phenolics and thermoset plastic products for upstream and midstream oilfield and industrial markets.

Flexitallic produces specialized sealing products for the oil and gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide.