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Company says gasket reduces CO2 emissions

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich.—Federal-Mogul Holdings Corp. said its Powertrain Division's hybrid steel elastomer head gasket technology helps auto makers achieve lower CO2 emissions within engine systems.

The product combines Federal-Mogul's high temperature alloys and high temperature coatings seal exhaust joints into a single product that enable operation at cylinder pressures up to 250 bar and exhaust temperatures up to 1000°C.

“Those two products are really enabling technologies,” said Mike Gerulski, director, advanced technology for Federal-Mogul Powertrain Sealing and Gaskets. “It allows our customers to go to higher combustion pressures, lighter weight block and head structures. As they increase combustion pressure, they can optimize the firing condition in the engine and ultimately improve fuel economy.”

Federal-Mogul said both its high temperature alloys and high temperature coatings were released in 2010. Its hybrid steel elastomer head gaskets are manufactured in Germany. Gerulski said the firm is in the final stages of product validation in China and projects to begin production there in 2015.

Gerulski said by adding elastomer sealing for fluid passages, the firm can concentrate the sealing forces where they are most useful, opening up greater potential to design lighter engine structures and enabling peak cylinder pressures.

“The gaskets need to be able to manage higher temperatures,” he said. “So we developed a portfolio of materials to create gaskets that are better able to handle higher temperatures.”