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Bluestar Silicones unveils line of tire release agents

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Bluestar Silicones USA Corp. exhibited its new Lyndcoat line of tire release agents at the International Tire Exhibition & Conference in Akron Sept. 9-11.

Lyndcoat multi-release agents offer improved properties that allow customers to decrease their costs, according to York, S.C.-based Bluestar.

They offer the best possible compromise between durability, slip and air bleed, resulting in very low defect rates and high bladder life extension, the company said.

“Very often, the release agent application step limits the tire production cycle and requires important investment to increase capacity,” Bluestar said.

The company said it designed Lyndcoat release agents with that problem in mind. In-house testing showed that Lyndcoat BR2512 offers the best compromise between durability and air bleed, it said.

Production trials also demonstrated that Lyndcoat BR2512 offers excellent filler bonding and increases the roughness of the bladder surface, minimizing defects caused by foreign objects and trapped air, the company said.

Lyndcoat multi-release agents also can increase bladder life by as much as 20 percent when used in the most effective way, according to Bluestar.

Treating a fresh bladder with a bladder coating, or with a first layer of the bladder release agent, will not only reduce bladder costs but also reduce downtime for tire curing presses.