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Published on September 11, 2014

ITEC 2014 Paper 55: High-Resolution 3D Bead-to-Bead Scanning using High-Speed Line Laser Sensors

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Date Published September 11, 2014

New tire designs are measured to verify that the inflated shape conforms to the specified design. This paper presents a method by which the 3D surface topography of a cured and inflated tire can be acquired in high resolution and at high speeds using line laser sensor technology. The resulting 3D data set can be analyzed for compliance to the specification. This technology can be implemented as an off-line station.  Once in production, complex mold designs that utilize interchangeable inserts for labels such as inflation pressure, ply count, and load rating are sometimes assembled incorrectly, leading to costly tire recalls. The technology described can also be used to scan the first tire produced after a mold change to verify the correct mold insert labels have been installed, and recalls can be reduced.  The technology can also be incorporated into a tire inflation stand to perform 100% inspection for all tires. The method produces a highly resolute structured data set that can be analyzed for surface defects such as incomplete mold fill. The 3D data sets can be archived periodically as part of a comprehensive quality recordation program.  Presented by Dennis Reynolds, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Bytewise Measurement Systems.

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