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Published on September 10, 2014

ITEC 2014 Forensic Tire Peer Review, Paper 8: Taking Key Information From Your Laboratory to the Courtroom

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Date Published September 10, 2014

As tire litigation evolves, the roles of research scientists and tire engineers continue to expand.  Both plaintiffs and defendants are relying on the research and work these individuals perform to aid their case.  In most instances, corporate defendants designate select employees as corporate representative witnesses or experts presented on behalf of the company.  In other scenarios, the participant becomes embroiled in the litigation due to research or testing he or she initiated or performed.  In both examples, reputations are at stake and the building blocks for effective performance at trial begins months or even years prior.  The initial research performed, a presentation given, or an email sent can show up years later to be critical in litigation.  This presentation will provide background on how to structure and prepare research for eventual use in litigation, how to work with your company’s law department to provide information beneficial at trial, and how to make sure you avoid pitfalls skilled lawyers commonly exploit.  Presented by Chad Mowery, Partner, Roetzel & Andress and Joseph Ruscak, Associate, Roetzel & Andress.

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