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Published on September 10, 2014

ITEC 2014 Bio-Elastomer Challenge, Paper 27: Incorporation of Sustainable Materials into Rubber Compounds--Natural Rubber Alternatives and Recycled Rubber

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Date Published September 10, 2014

Options for sustainable materials are broad and include renewable sources for oils, elastomers, and fillers, as well as recycled and reclaimed fillers.  Alternatives to hevea natural rubber such as guayule and dandelion are investigated, starting with a material characterization of each elastomer and how it compares to hevea natural rubber.  These renewable materials were incorporated into a model tire tread compound and the processing parameters, physical properties, and dynamic mechanical response were evaluated for these formulated compounds.  Additional sustainability efforts to incorporate recycled compounds into tire compounds, as well as other rubber automotive components show the potential for the reuse of material into new products.  Presented by Janice Tardiff, Elastomers Technical Expert, Ford Research Laboratory.

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