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Published on September 9, 2014

ITEC 2014 Paper 4: The Future Today--Gear Pump Extrusion Systems for Continuous Mixing

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Date Published September 9, 2014

This presentation will show recent developments for continuous final mixing in a single screw extruder gear pump combination.  Depending on the demands of the process different setups are available. The possibility is to use a loss in weight feeder to dose material into the main hopper. This is shown as an example with metal flakes mixed into a master batch. Statistical measurements allow to judege the right process setup for constant production of the desired quality.  The second case demonstrates side feeding of accelerator compound into master batch. The mixing is executed in a main extruder gear pump combination while the accelerator is dosed by a independent extruder gear pump combination via a side feeding port. Visual and rheological measurements prove the quality and allow the demonstration of the improvements in quality reached with new screw designs.  Presented by Simon Wachter, DI, Project Manager, VMI Rubber.

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