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Lintech wins Evonik award for second straight year

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Evonik Lintech award
Celebrating Lintech's award are, from left, John Rolando, Evonik president, North America; Randy Waldman, Evonik vice president, business development; Dennis Gillespie, Lintech president; John Kennedy, Lintech vice president and general manager, Crosslinkers North America; Grant LaFontaine, Lintech vice president and general manager, acrylic monomers.

MACON, Ga.—Lintech International L.L.C. has received its second consecutive Distributor of the Year—Distribution Excellence Award from the Evonik Corp.

Lintech also won the award in 2012.

“We're extremely proud to represent such a fine organization of Evonik,” said Dennis Gillespie, Lintech president, who accepted the 2013 award at a June event in Parsippany, N.J., location of Evonik's North American headquarters.

“They are a critically important supplier to Lintech. We have engagement with Evonik pretty much across our entire geography that we cover: from the Southeast, Southwest and West Coast.”

Lintech has a long-standing business partnership with Evonik, dating back about 15 years when it started with Evonik's acrylate resin business. Lintech currently represents four Evonik Industries divisions: Methacrylates; Coatings & Adhesives Resins; Cross-linkers; and Inorganic Materials.

Gillespie said Lintech has been handling the crosslinkers business for about 10 years and was just added as a national distributor for Evonik's inorganic materials last October.

The award was based on input from all divisions working with Lintech.

“We represent four different business units of Evonik, and all of the business units have to unanimously agree,” he said.

In a letter to Gillespie announcing the award, John Rolando, president of Evonik Corp., praised Lintech for its “dedication to detail and relentless hard work.”

He further stated that Lintech's “team of outstanding employees takes safety as a highest priority while providing detailed sales and market information, (and) joint target development and fulfillment.”

Gillespie said Evonik's product line “touches many of the different industries that our company covers,” from coatings to plastics and also a lot of polymer manufacturers.

“It's a very complete, complementary product line to the rest of the lines that Lintech handles,” he said.

Lintech International, headquartered in Macon, is a multiregional specialty chemical distributor providing resins, monomers, additives, pigments and performance minerals to businesses in a variety of industries.

Gillespie said the company has seen significant growth over the past several years.

“Our plan is to double our business in the next five years,” he added.

Lintech is looking forward to strong growth in the rubber and plastics industries, along with its coatings business.

“We've recently gone national in the rubber market, which we've opened up warehouses up in the Northeast and the Akron area,” Gillespie said. “And with the inorganic materials from Evonik, this just totally complements our existing product line.”

Gillespie said Lintech is proud to have a number of key suppliers in its portfolio, including Evonik.