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Volkswagen recognizes SaarGummi with supplier award

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SaarGummi Volkswagen VG Group award
CQLT SaarGummi Technologies was awarded the VG Group Award by the Volkswagen Group during a recent ceremony in Leipzig, Germany. Among those at the ceremony were, from left, Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, a member of Volkswagen's board of management; Larry Johnson, CEO of SaarGummi; and Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen's chairman of the board of management.

LEIPZIG, Germany—The Volkswagen Group honored its 18 best suppliers, including CQLT SaarGummi Technologies S.a.r.l., with the VG Group Award 2014.

The SaarGummi Group received its award from Martin Winterkorn, chairman of the board of management of Volkswagen, and Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, member of the board of management, in a ceremony at Volkswagen's Leipzig plant on June 19.

Volkswagen's board of management said one of the most important criteria was development of new technologies, especially in collaboration with suppliers.

“It was quite an accomplishment of our team because they recognize you as a supplier that supports them on a global basis with innovation and continuous improvement programs and projects,” SaarGummi CEO Larry Johnson said. “While we are on a smaller side in reference to sales, we're one of the strongest sealing suppliers in the world when it comes to our global footprint and technical capabilities.

“I think that is what VW denoted when recognizing us as one of their top 18 suppliers.”

SaarGummi said it was not only honored for its excellent supplier performance, but also for the high development expertise and innovative capabilities.

Volkswagen has been one of SaarGummi's customers for more than 15 years. SaarGummi supplies sealing systems for a variety of models, for small cars such as the VW Polo and luxury models such as the Bentley Continental and Porsche Cayman.