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Azco develops shear cut traveling knife assembly

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Photo by Azco Corp.'s shear-cut knife assembly. Azco Corp.'s shear-cut traveling knife assembly.

FAIRFIELD, N.J.—Azco Corp. Inc. has designed a shear cut traveling knife assembly used to cut material continuously without having to use a secondary application.

The firm said the machine is ideal for open- or closed-cell foam rubber or insulation material with the ideal size of 1,400 millimeters wide and 3 to 55 millimeters thick.

Azco Corp. President Andrew Zucaro said the machine was developed toward the end of 2013 in response to customer demand. Azco's machine incorporates a loop sensor, which senses the presence of any material as it is continuously fed through the system and cut to specifications.

When the material is fed all the way through, the sensor stops the machine, allowing the machine to finish a job after hours.

Zucaro said it took Azco about three months to design, sell and ship the unit.

“It's been doing well,” Zucaro said. “We've got a few customers who have used that machine and a few others who are using a similar machine that's a little more narrow. We've received very good feedback. Customers have come back and ordered multiple units.”

Azco said the machine requires 110V AC single phase power, 15 amp current and 80 psi compressed air. It utilizes a precision ground urethane drive top roller to supply force, which provides traction between the material and the drive system.

Azco can take over the machine remotely from anywhere in the world, Zucaro said, which allows the firm to service its machines efficiently.

“We're just a phone call away as far as service work goes,” he said.

Azco employs about 33 at its 16,000-sq.-ft. facility in Fairfield, its only location. Zucaro said the firm received ISO certification in 2013 and is in the process of buying more equipment for further design.