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Published on September 23, 2010

New Developments in the Modulus (Indentation Modulus) Profile Technique: (Part I: Finer Indenter Tip)

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Date Published September 23, 2010

The modulus (indentation modulus) profiler was developed in 1987 by Gillen, Clough, and Quintana (Polymer Degradation and Stability 17 [1987] 31-47). The technique has a special resolution of about 100 microns. The modulus profiler has been used to study tire aging, durability in mechanical rubber goods, and treadwear by Terrill, Lewis, and Pannikottu (Rubber World 231, No1 [2004] 40). The technique has quantified modulus changes in small and internal components of rubber products. Recently, a finer tip has been developed with instrument sensitivity enabling significantly improved resolution, to approximately 10-30 microns (almost 10 times better resolution). This resolution enables new studies, including compound interfaces and properties close to steel cords and fabric cords. Examples of these will be shown. At the same time, preliminary work has begun on another improvement to this characterization technique. Efforts to obtain dynamic mechanical properties (storage modulus, loss modulus, and tangent delta) from the indentation modulus technique will be described. 
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