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Published on January 1, 2009

Plasma and Adhesion to Rubber and Plastics Substrates

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Date Published January 1, 2009

This Report has been authored by:Shaun Glogauer at Plasmatreat Inc.

World-class, fully automated manufacturing processes rely more and more on advanced, environmentally friendly surface treatment technologies. An innovative atmospheric pressure plasma technique (Fig.1) allows inline rubber and plastic manufacturing processes to become fully automated with total process control. A thorough pretreatment must produce surfaces with reliable and repeatable characteristics to achieve optimal adhesive bonding, coating and printing results.

In addition, pretreatment must be delivered in a cost-effective and safe manner. The new process uses the high effectiveness of plasma for microfine cleaning, high-surface activation and nanocoating. In most cases the plasma application takes the place of environmentally unfriendly and costly solvent cleaning or chemical adhesion promoters and primers. 

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