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Published on January 1, 2008

Effect of Talc on Rolling Resistance in Tread Compounds

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Date Published January 1, 2008

This Report has been authored by:Oscar Noel at Consultant #with# Hemant Thakkar at Akron Rubber Development Lab #with# Giles Meli at Rio Tinto Minerals/Luzenac

The effect of talc on the rolling resistance in both carbon black and precipitated silica reinforced tire-tread compounds was evaluated. The results indicate that 5 phr of Mistron® Vapor R talc can be used as a dispersion aid to reduce the mixing time by 20% of the tire-tread stock without influencing the dynamic properties at -30º, 0º, and 60ºC or the mechanical properties. Talc does not affect the cure or viscosity in either system. Although talc has a slight effect on abrasion resistance of black compounds, it does not affect wear performance in precipitated silica reinforced vulcanizates. Talc addition did not affect the adhesion between the tread compound and the carcass.

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