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Published on January 1, 2008

New Equipment for Hose Manufacturing Thermoset and Thermoplastic

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Date Published January 1, 2008

This Report has been authored by:Rebecca Snell at Roller Equipment Manufacturing Co. (REMCO)

Equipment originally built for the roll covering industry has now been modified to include hoses and other mandrel built parts. Supported mandrel lengths to 60 ft. (18M) are now possible, and various types of let-off systems for applying fabric, wire, cord, etc. have been included on the same machine to minimize down time. Rubber and plastic extruders are used to produce a continuous strip of elastomer that is spirally wrapped around the mandrel to any selected gage. Post curing and downstream equipment for tooling, grinding, trimming, etc. will also be presented. Automation in varying degrees is provided for all equipment. Quality and speed of operation are the obvious advantages, but material savings and recycling advantages will also be discussed.

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