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Published on June 1, 2005

Elastomeric Coating for Environmental Protection of Rubber Components

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Date Published June 1, 2005

Elastomeric materials are used in numerous dynamic applications including hoses, seals, tires, mountings, and dampers. All to often, the elastomeric material of choice is not resistant to the hostile environments to which it is exposed during service. One method of protecting rubber parts from exposure to severely degrading fluids is to coat them with a barrier coating that is resistant to the fluids in question. While oilresistant coatings have been around for some time, most of these coatings suffer from poor fatigue resistance and poor adhesion to a natural rubber substrate, and many require an additional bake to cure the coating. A new coating has been developed that combines heat resistance, environmental protection, adhesion to both rubber and metal with the flexibility to withstand dynamic motions. These new coatings cure at room temperature and are aesthetically appealing. The new coatings can protect a general-purpose rubber substrate from ozone and from moderate exposure to various petroleum oils and fuels. 
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