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Published on September 22, 2004

Off-Road Tire Requirements, Challenges for Carbon Black and Silica

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Date Published September 22, 2004
A blend of carbon black and silica with or without silane is commonly used for off-the-road tire tread compounds like earthmover tires or tires for mining vehicles. This is due to the improved cut & chip behavior observed by adding silica at certain amounts to carbon black filled compounds. The aim of this study was to check if the cut & chip behavior could be predicted in a more accurate way by using the Tear Analyzer than with standard lab methods. It was also investigated to what extent silica with varying specific surface areas differ in their cut & chip behavior as well as what effect the added silane has on the carbon black/silica compound performance. With a better knowledge of the influence of fillers on the cut & chip behavior special carbon blacks and silica can be developed much faster and introduced into the tire market. 
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