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Published on September 22, 2004


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Date Published September 22, 2004

It is shown that dynamic storage modulus and dynamic loss modulus exhibit proportionality over a wide temperature range for carbon black filled compounds. This proportionality remains irrespective of carbon black loading and type. Silica filled compounds also exhibit proportionality between dynamic storage modulus (E’) and dynamic loss modulus (E") over a wide temperature range above Tg. Carbon black filled compounds and silica filled compounds however clearly reside on different lines. By making selective compound changes the slope of the E’ versus E" plot, the intercept on the abscissa and the departure from linearity can be altered in a controlled fashion. Due to this inherent proportionality carbon black filled compounds could conveniently be characterized by a single dynamic parameter over a wide working temperature range. It is shown that dynamic properties have a weak effect on DIN abrasion loss. Some carbon black grades lie on the same fundamental trend line while others show a clear discontinuity. Silica filled compounds show discontinuity with N234 and N339 filled compounds. 
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