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Published on August 20, 2001

The world's tire production facilities

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Date Published August 20, 2001

These tables list worldwide tire-making plants.

The listing is broken into seven geographical regions: North America, including Mexico, Central and South America; Europe, including Russia and most of the former Soviet Bloc nations; Asia, including India, Japan, the Pacific Rim and former states of the Soviet Union located in Asia; Africa and the Middle East; and Australia and New Zealand.

The tables list tire makers, followed in parentheses by the parent firm's name. Plant information shows: the year each unit opened; whether the plant's workers belong to a union; the number of production workers employed; types of tires made at the facility; and production capacity at the plant.

Information has been obtained from the companies or other sources. The abbreviations are:

* TIRE TYPES: 1-Auto; 2-Light truck' 3-Truck/bus; 4-Agricultural; 5-Motorcycle; 6-Earthmover/OTR; 7-Industrial; 8-Aircraft; 9-Racing

* TIRE CONSTRUCTION: R-Radial; B-Bias-ply

* PLANT CAPACITIES: u/d-units per day; u/w-units per week; u/m-units per month; u/y-units per year; t/d-tons per day; t/w-tons per week; t/m-tons per month; t/y-tons per year.

7 lists: see printed publication

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