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  • Column: Just what are TPEs?

    Teknor Apex is addressing one of the great questions of the plastics materials market: What exactly is a thermoplastic elastomer?

  • Column: A painless tire purchase

    Statistics show that satisfied customers will tell nine friends about their experience, while an angry customer, on average, will tell 16. Well I'm here to make sure I give as much credit as I can for a job well done.

  • Opinion: Action needed to prevent another tragedy

    The June 14 fire at Grenfell Tower in London was an awful tragedy. Investigators are still exploring what happened, but the early official reports are that plastics did play a role in the rapid spread of the flames.

  • Column: The more things change...

    Some of the news coming out of Ford during the second half of May likely will befuddle many—especially those of us who can't see the situation from the perspective of a board of directors hearing growing complaints from shareholders about...

  • Column: What's ailing NASCAR?

    NASCAR has seen its fortunes slide quickly in recent years. TV ratings are down 45 percent since 2005, according to reports, and attendance is down precipitously, as evidenced by the empty bleachers on TV.

  • Retreaders still searching for industry's respect

    Over the years retreading has failed to get the respect it deserves. That is something industry participants need to continue to address and, hopefully, get detractors to see the benefits of retreaded tires—both economic and environmental.