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  • Column: Reminiscing about run-flats

    Run-flat tires have made significant strides over the past three years, but I don't think it's quite time to declare that run-flat tires are ready to take over the tire industry.

  • Column: An event worth your time

    I'm here to take off my editor's cap and put in a sales pitch on why our upcoming International Silicone Conference—it takes place April 10-11 in the Akron suburb of Cuyahoga Falls—is worth your time and money.

  • Column: A woman's perspective on rubber

    While women still are clearly outnumbered by men in the rubber industry, it's nowhere near the degree it was four decades ago. And nobody can testify to that better than Bonnie Stuck, a 40-year veteran of the business who now is president of...

  • Column: What if the bets are wrong?

    They all must know a lot more than I do. Huge auto companies around the world are betting billions—with a "B"—on the idea that customers all over the globe are just waiting for the chance to buy vehicles powered by electricity.