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  • Driven by HEXPOL

    HEXPOL is one of the leading suppliers of compounded elastomer solutions for the automotive industry. The HEXPOL team has a wide range of mixing and custom development solutions to help our automotive customers drive innovation and increase...

  • Integrated Automotive Solutions

    HEXPOL is working with key auto industry enterprises to promote compounds as preferred materials to meet automotive fuel efficiency, performance, and sustainability requirements.

  • Lightweighting and "Green Technologies"

    Innovative compounding capabilities from HEXPOL leverage proven concepts of lightweighting and “green technology” to help auto manufacturers achieve better fuel economy while reducing carbon emissions...

  • The OEM Auto Production Corridor

    HEXPOL is at the center of Mexico's automotive production corridor. With two plants in Mexico – Aguascalientes and Queretaro – we partner with major global auto manufactures and suppliers.

  • Happenings at HEXPOL (2017)

    HEXPOL will participate in Rubber in Automotive Conference sponsored by RPN will be held June 13-14 in Troy, Michigan. Ray C. Hetherington, senior technical support at HEXPOL, will make a presentation on “Lightweight and Green Technologies...

  • Understanding and Selecting Performance Additives

    Performance additives bring value and provide clear benefits to rubber compounding. Examples of these benefits include reducing manufacturing time, providing a safe means of handling difficult raw materials, and improved product and process...