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  • Fastener supplier EFC sees growth in Mexico

    QUERETARO, Mexico—Engineered fasteners supplier EFC International has opened a subsidiary company and warehouse in Queretaro to support its booming business south of the border.

  • Column: Driving means freedom to me

    For me, the bottom line is I like to drive. Don't get me wrong. I'm not necessarily a "car guy," but I like the freedom that goes with knowing our vehicles are there for us when we need them.

  • Column: Sign me up for a self-driving car

    As much as I love listening to music, if I could find a way to get things done—or just relax—during long drives, they'd be way more bearable. Maybe even productive. Sign me up for a self-driving car.

  • Data key in developing autonomous technology

    HILTON HEAD, S.C.—Technological innovations at major tire companies, especially those dealing with "big data" and tire-vehicle connectivity, are quickly making autonomous vehicles a reality, according to speakers at the 34th Clemson...

  • Hankook trial documents to remain unsealed

    RICHMOND, Va.—A federal judge in Richmond has denied the request of Hankook Tire and Hankook Tire America to seal certain documents that were part of the evidence in a $37.8 million product liability case against the tire makers.

  • Auto makers burned as U.S.-China spat flares

    WASHINGTON—Fears of a full-blown global trade war moved closer to reality when the U.S. delivered on a threat to impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports, including auto parts critical to the U.S. supply chain, and China ...