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Covestro CEO trumps question of U.S. presidency

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DUESSELDORF, Germany—Covestro A.G.'s Patrick Thomas, president of European plastics manufacturers association PlasticsEurope and CEO of Covestro, had a tricky moment to deal with when leading a discussion on environmental issues, organized by European industry body PlasticsEurope at K2016.

During a question and answer session at the open forum on the PlasticsEurope stand, Thomas was asked if he thought a Donald Trump presidency in the US would be good for the European polymer industry.

Thinking quickly on his feet, the experienced Covestro CEO pointed out that he did not know enough about the billionaire presidential candidate to be able to speculate.

Thomas did, though, say: “Listening to some of the final televised debate, I think, it is becoming less and less clear what he (Trump) really stands for … and I not sure he is totally convinced what he stands for.

“So I really could not comment on how this could affect Europe.”