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Published on September 9, 2014

ITEC 2014 Paper 39: Carbon Blacks for Improved Performance in Tires

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Date Published September 9, 2014

Government regulations are tightening around the world with the continuation of labeling programs and stricter requirements for improved fuel economy. To meet these needs, tire manufacturers are rapidly advancing all aspects of tire technology. This has created a need for developments in all major components and designs of tires. Traditional ASTM grades of carbon black are still heavily used in the tire industry, but demands for more cost effective, high performance fillers are rapidly growing. Due to the demand of high performance materials, recent product launches in the carbon black industry indicates that R&D departments are actively pursuing the development of improved products. Herein this paper, we are presenting the various specialty grades SRCE offers to optimize rubber performance for advancements in tire development.  Presented by Michael Jacobsson, Research Scientist, Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co.

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