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Published on September 20, 2013

Compounding of polyacrylate elastomers

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Recent trends in automotive technology continue to push the envelope in terms of performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These technical demands have coincided with new temperature and warranty requirements from major automobile manufacturers worldwide. As a result, the technical demands on seals, gaskets and hoses used to seal and transfer the most advanced automotive fluids have continued to evolve. Zeon Chemicals has been innovative in the development of new ACM technology, enabling polyacrylate polymers to be formulated safely, bin stored and vulcanized, using a variety of processing equipment. These development efforts consequently have resulted in state-of-the-art polyacrylate compounds with excellent cure rates, superior physical properties and extended performance. The choice of base rubber is the primary determinant of service temperature performance and oil resistance. Selecting the right polymer for a particular application is the most important step to developing a successful polyacrylate formulation for a given application.
This document will explain in greater detail the characteristics of each ACM
polymer family, the particular characteristics of various cure systems and examples
of demanding applications where polyacrylates are used successfully. This
paper also will demonstrate the performance achievable by the latest advances in
polyacrylate technology.