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ST. JEROME, Quebec

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The product that Soucy Baron Inc. gets the most buzz about is far from its biggest seller.

Being a Canadian company, Soucy Baron has the prestigious honor of molding the official NHL hockey puck.

“It's the real tooth breaker,” said Sales Director Philippe Andres. “If you're watching an NHL game, the puck comes from our plant.”

Not only does Soucy Baron mold the puck, it also wrote the specification for it and owns the compound recipe, he said.

People are surprised when they hear the St. Jerome-based company makes the item that is the center of attention for Canada's national sport, said General Manager Eric Cote. “In terms of sales, it's not the biggest thing we have,” he said. “When we have customers here, we show them where we make the puck, and everyone is always surprised.”

And while the company has many more exotic compounds than the one used in the puck, it is vital that the recipe remains the same. The NHL allows no ingredient substitutions.

“If by accident, a puck breaks the glass around the rink, we get a letter from the NHL,” Cote said. “The first thing they ask is if there were any modifications to the recipe. There are very strict standards to follow. We need to produce every batch the same.”