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Published on September 5, 2008

How Truck Fleets Consider Retreadability When Purchasing New Tires

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Date Published September 5, 2008

When today’s truck fleets make their decisions on tire purchases their guidelines are much different than they were a few years ago when the primary concern was the initial cost of the tire and the kind of service they could expect. With the ever increasing cost of fuel, tires, and labor the fleets are looking at total cost per mile. The major parts of obtaining the lowest cost per mile is tire costs, tread wear, fuel mileage and casing retreadability. When we compare the retreadability of today’s radial truck tires to the bias ply tires of twenty or thirty years ago you may say that the retreader should not complain. Since I do not retread tires anymore I could say, "What is wrong with these folks"? The truth is that there is always room for improvements in tires.

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