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Published on September 4, 2008

High-Throughput, Automated, and Non-Invasive Quantitative Characterization of Elastomers by TD-NMR

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Date Published September 4, 2008

This Report has been authored by:Supriyo Ghosh at Bruker Optics Inc.

It is crucial to quantitatively characterize physicochemical properties of elastomers used in the tire industry in real-time for R&D and process/quality control. TD-NMR (time domain nuclear magnetic resonance) is a technique which can be easily implemented in these set-ups to analyze elastomers at molecular level. The measurement is very fast, quantitative, precise, non-invasive, and can be operated in an unsupervised manner. The fundamental physics of TD-NMR will be introduced and various applications (e.g. crosslink density, oil/plasticizer content, extent of aging, etc.) will be presented with experimental data.

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