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Published on January 1, 2008

The Single Test Solution for Rubber Mixing in the Hose Industry

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Date Published January 1, 2008

This Report has been authored by:Jerry Saxion at Excel-Polymers

Traditional rubber test methods, such as tensile stress strain testing, Mooney viscosity and scorch, curemeter testing, hardness, density, etc. have been used for monitoring the quality of mixed batches for the last 40 years and earlier. These tests do detect some quality problems that result from the mixing of rubber in the factory; however, because of the time required to perform each of these tests and the sheer number of tests, they are more costly to perform compared to modern day alternatives. Moreover, with the implementation of Six Sigma quality programs, these traditional test methods have been shown not to have the gage sensitivity required to solve today's factory problems. These traditional methods were the best tests possible at the time of their development; however, through the use of new technologies, the functions of these traditional tests can now be replaced with a faster, more sensitive single test using the RPA and PPA technologies that have been developed for this purpose. Not only is this single test more discerning in distinguishing between good vs. bad batches, but it also reduces the total cost of testing. This paper will present how these new testing technologies are effectively being implemented by Excel Polymers to improve their quality assurance of mixed batches as well as reducing the total test costs which benefits everyone.

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