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Published on January 1, 2008

Using Furnace Blacks in Hose Compounds

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Date Published January 1, 2008

This Report has been authored by:Steven Clark at Cabot Corp. #with# Irene Yurovska at Cabot Corp. #with# Gregory Gaudet at Cabot Corp. #with# Ralph Dickinson at Cabot Corp. #with# Dave Novakoski at Cabot Corp.

Historically, thermal carbon black was used in hose compounds as an extender. Because of its low surface area and structure, MT N990 allows achieving high degrees of filler loading. However, because of the current market situation, the price of the thermal carbon black is substantially higher than prices of furnace carbon blacks. Therefore application of N990 to reduce cost of hose compounds became unreasonable. This study presents data to show that it is possible to use Sterling 1120, Spheron 6000A and Spheron 4000 to replace N990 in typical polychloroprene compounds. In addition, substitution of a 50/50 blend N550/MT-N990 with Spheron 6000 in peroxide cured EPDM radiator hose compound is considered. Thus, Cabot offers several distinctive furnace blacks that provide a potential to lower cost, while retaining processing and physical properties of rubber compounds for hose. 
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